1. It’s healthy
Spending time creating can calm anxiety, lower heart rate, and create a feeling of well-being. It slows us down, forcing us to concentrate on something other than work or family obligations.

2. It creates confidence
As we step out of our comfort zone and do, we learn to do more. Those little creative successes begin to build. Before you know it, you go from copying projects you see to creating your own designs that you and others love. This new confidence then carries over into life, relationships and family.

3. It saves money
Creating your own projects can save you a ton of money when considering the cost of a custom piece. If you are really ambitious and feeling confident (refer back to number 2) you can also make some money selling your beautiful creations!

4. You can make it your own
By making things yourself you can customize them to your taste and style. You choose your own colors and finish to match your home.

5. Show you love someone
Who doesn’t love getting a handmade gift? To me, it shows a great amount of thought and cares to create a gift for someone as opposed to just running to the store and grabbing a gift. I don’t know about you but I would much rather tailor a project to a loved one or friend than try to find the perfect, yet never perfect gift at the store!

I hope this will encourage you to grab some supplies (or a kit from us) and get creative!

Happy crafting ya’ll

Why DIY? 5 Benefits to DIY Crafting