Hello friends! This is all very new to me so lets make a pact to look back on these early blogs and have a chuckle. Deal?

This pesky virus has brought a huge amount of uncertainty to most of our lives and caused many a great deal of stress. While it has been challenging for me, it has also brought a lot of good with it. A few extra pounds too but that is a whole other blog post.

I have rediscovered what I love most about what I do. That passion has been reignited as I know it has been for a lot of you as well. That will be bringing lots of exciting new things for us that we will be sharing with all our wonderful customers in the next few months. I feel like a little kid with a secret that I want to tell someone but I can’t! LOL

I began Lilac Lane 6 years ago with a love for creativity both in DIY and decor design. Over the last few years my passion for helping women create through DIY classes has fueled an entire new phase of Lilac Lane that I couldn’t be more proud of! It gives me such a warm feeling to see so many of you creating projects for your homes and for gifts. Projects you can be excited and proud of. The confidence you guys have gained is pretty dang exciting. We have built a fun tribe and learned a lot of new things. High five to all of you!

My goal is to help women (and the occasional man that gets drug in) grow through the creative process. This is so much more than a pretty sign or snazzy painted door hanger. It’s about community and building relationships through crafting and creating. We have solved many life issues around our crafting tables. I don’t know about you but having that sure helps get through this crazy life!

Keep on Creating,