Hey Ya’ll! Today we are talking about this antique mirror that’s been sitting around here collecting dust! It’s a great mirror, but it doesn’t have any WOW factor.

The Story behind the Mirror:

This mirror has been sitting in the shop for a while and it is not selling, but I think I know why. It really doesn’t have that POP! It just looks like a gold mirror but doesn’t have anything to make it attractive so we are going to transform it.

Check out the transformation here ->

We cleaned this old mirror with some mineral spirits and water to get all the old dirt and debris off so that we could start with a fresh clean surface. Then we taped off the mirror so we didn’t get paint on the surface. You can remove the mirror as well, but this one was tough to remove, so we opted for taping instead.

Now the fun part! We painted several coats of Country Chic Paint in Rustic Charm on our mirror.

**Make sure to get all the sides as well!**

When the mirror had completely dried we went over some of the detail areas with Lucky Penny Metallic Cream. It really made this piece POP!

To finish it off, we used our Country Chic Antiquing Wax.

This mirror is now a beautiful masterpiece with a fresh new life! Grab a piece you don’t love anymore and transform it into a piece you are crazy about!

Happy Creating Ya’ll!