Hey everyone! Let’s talk brushes today.

Fun fact. I love paint brushes. Small, large, foam and chip. The list is endless. There is something magical about using a new paint brush. The first time those bristles dip in the paint is heavenly.

Ok, maybe that is a bit extreme but I do love a good brush and I am going to help you unravel the brush mystery in this weeks blog.

There is a plethara of brushes and names for brushes. Some I’m sure you have never heard of. I sure had not! Like a tongue brush and a dagger brush. Who knew??

I tend to use a round brush and a flat brush for my projects. They are easy to find, not very expensive and do lots of jobs on craft projects. Unless you are a fine art painter, I don’t think you need a tongue brush. LOL

Most DIY craft projects can be handled with various sizes of these two power house brushes. I do occasionally use a filbert brush but only because I had it and seriously had no idea it had its own name. The rest except the fan brush are greek to me.

A large flat brush is my best friend for covering a lot of ground on a door hanger. They are perfect for doing striping as well since one pass gives you a nice straight stripe. Flat brushes are wide but not thick so they make putting several coats on a breeze. You can use a smaller flat brush to paint bisque pieces and the sides of your door hangers.

If you have watched my Tuesday night lives you have likely seen me reach for a flat brush A LOT!

Equally popular in my paint brush bucket is the round brush. I have a dozen sizes of this guy. This brush makes many appearances for small jobs and detail work. You can often find my round brush flipped upside down in paint to create perfect polka dots t!

these two brushes check all the boxes for me. They are easy to use and give you a well rounded collection without breaking the bank. So grab a few sizes of each and explore all the ways they will make creating more fun.

One last tip. Take care of your brushes by washing after each use when possible. I keep a cup of water on my studio table to put used brushes in until i can wash. When i am done painting i rinse well and put them upside down in a cup to dry. never leave your brushes bristle down in water overnight as it damages them and gives you flyaways. You don’t want that for sure!

Happy Painting Ya’ll