I love all my kids with every fiber of my being but let’s be honest, our job as parents were to successfully get them out of our homes. To raise them to be independent and to be able to succeed without us. Once we have done that it’s time to create the next chapter of life!

All kidding aside, let’s talk about sending our kid(s) to college. It is college move-in week as we speak, we are putting the finishing touches on Maddie’s dorm room at High Point University. The whole process was more efficient than either of our other move-in experiences so kudos to High Point for doing it right. One more reason we are so confident in her experience there.

Maddie Dorm Room

Leaving our babies on their own evokes a lot of feelings for parents and I am processing all of those feelings on top of sheer exhaustion! Those of you that know me, know that I love my kids and they can also drive me a little crazy. I am convinced God makes their senior year of high school rough so it’s easier to send them off to school. Yet, the minute we got to her dorm room I could feel the tears welling up. Lucky for me that was also the moment we started arguing about what to do first so tears at that moment were short-lived. LOL

The big question as we drive away tomorrow (until parent weekend next month) is what’s next? Is that even really a question if you know me?! There will be lots of crafting and lots of traveling. More crafting than traveling, but don’t tell my husband!

So, look out my fellow crafters, I am going to be one busy bee this upcoming holiday season and you are going to love love love all this creative energy.