If you’re like me, you like a DIY that won’t take much time or money but will still look amazing! Am I right?! The project I am sharing with you today nails that and will look fantastic all season long!
flower pallet by Lilac Lane DIY
I grabbed most of my supplies from Dollar tree and on sale at Micheals.


2 wood pallets from the craft section at dollar tree
floral wire
white and grey chalk or craft paint
hot glue gun
floral stems

flower pallet supplies by lilac Lane DIY


1. Start by lightly sanding each wood pallet to get rid of rough edges and then give a good coat of white paint. Once these have dried you can distress them by dry brushing some grey paint around the edges.
flower pallet by Lilac Lane DIY
2. Next, gather your floral stems together to form a bouquet and secure it with floral wire. Start at the top and wrap your twine down the stems to the bottom and then back up to the top. Tie a bow at the top.
3. I then glued the pallets together like this and when they had set up a few minutes I glued my little bouquet to the front.
flower pallet by Lilac Lane DIY
This turned out super adorable and didn’t take much time at all. I think I need to go make a few more!
flower pallet by Lilac Lane DIY
Happy Creating Ya’ll!