It’s never too early to start finding cute Christmas crafts. Am I right? This one is super cute and can be made pretty inexpensively with Dollar Tree paintbrushes.


  1. Chip brush (Dollar Tree)
  2. Red and white paint
  3. White car wash cloth (Dollar Tree)
  4. Red pom pom
  5. Googly eyes (Dollar Tree)


First, I painted my chip brush red and let it dry.

Then I took the back of the paintbrush and dipped it in the white paint and made polka dots on the “hat” of your Santa.

Then I cut a rectangle strip of the white car washcloth to make the white fur on Santa’s hat.

I hot glued that across and then using hot glue or track glue the eyes onto the metal part of the chip brush.

Glue the pom pom for the nose under the eyes.

Now you can add sparkles or florals and decorate the hat. We used a bow and a jingle bell. We are going to drill a hole and add twine so it can be hung on the tree!

Have fun with this one!

Happy crafting ya’ll!