Just the mere mention of bows sends some of you running for the hills. STOP! This is super easy bow will have you looking like a rockstar in less than five minutes and not a ton of expensive ribbon.

We start off all of our bows with 2.5 inches of wired burlap ribbon. It holds it’s shape well and makes a nice background for just about any bow.

Then we pick 2-3 different 2.5″ ribbons and one thin ribbon (almost always from Dollar Tree to save some money).

Cut 2 of each ribbon, about 5″ long each. We V cut our ends before we start laying them out.

Once that is complete we just lay our burlap out in an X pattern. Then do the same with each ribbon on top of the burlap ribbon.

Then layout a piece of thin ribbon on top (as shown) and flip the packet over.

Tie ribbons in a knot, tightly. Fluff and add to your door hangers and wreaths.

Still, stumped? I made a video to help.